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Medicare Supplements

Medicare Supplements Overview (Medigap)

Medicare Supplements are sold by private insurance companies who are licensed by the state and by Medicare. The purpose of supplements are to fill the gaps in Plans A and B of your standard Medicare coverage.

Medicare Supplements Coverage & Usage

Medicare Supplements are important because they cover your deductibles, co-insurance and services that standard Medicare does not cover.

Therefore, If you visit an emergency room with Plan A and Plan B only, you would have to pay 20%. This could easily amount to several thousands dollars or more.

medicare circlesIn conclusion, most Medicare Supplements have NO out of pocket expenses when visiting the emergency room.

Did You Know?

Did you know that Medicare Supplements only work with standard Medicare coverage? As a result, they do not work with Medicare Advantage Plans.

So if you have a Medicare Advantage Plan like an HMO or PPO, you cannot purchase any of the Medicare Supplement plans.

Medicare-Supplement plans are easy to use because they are standardized across the U.S..

Same Medicare Supplement Plans. Different Rates. 

If you have talked with someone about their Medicare coverage, you may know that it is possible to get different rates for the same plan.

Most noteworthy when you work with GO, is that you will have access to multiple coverages from multiple carriers.

Consequently, we can inform you on which carriers will give you the “best bang for your buck.”seniors and advisor Beware though, Medicare insurance rates may increase one or more times per year.

An experienced advisor (like Larry Belt) can advise you on the track records of the carriers who usually have rate increases.

He will review your current Medicare coverage and help you decide which plan will give you the best coverage, at the best rate.

Larry has a great deal of experience handling all Medicare Supplements. Most of all, he can quickly determine which coverage is right for you.

All of our services are absolutely free to you and you will always find the Medicare coverage that is best for you and your budget.

For more information, or if you have any questions, feel free to call Larry Belt at 248-741-7126 or 1-877-777-5260.